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25 Promises

Our Promises Are Our Practices.

As the fourth generation Singleton to lead Citizens National Bank of Texas, I have been given a legacy that has been handed down since my great grandfather was president. It always has and will always be a simple truth, but one that many banks fail to achieve. Simply put, it is: Do What You Say You Are Going To Do.

Some banks talk a big game but fail to field results. At CNB of Texas, we are not afraid to stand behind our promises. The following testament puts into black and white exactly what we say we are going to do for you. It is a promise of Performance, Responsibility, Accountability, Convenience, Trust, Integrity, Community, Excellence and Stability. Our Promises are our PRACTICES.

Thank you for giving Citizens National Bank of Texas the opportunity to prove how a great bank treats its customers.

Marvin "Mark" E. Singleton III - President & CEO


The CNB of Texas Promise of Performance specifically states how we are focused on meeting your personal banking needs.

  1. A designated CNB banker will be assigned expressly to you, to listen to your needs, resolve any problems and invest the time to help you reach your objectives.
  2. Our Customer Contact Center is open 84 hours every week to personally assist you. Professional bankers at the Center can be reached at 972.938.4300 from 7am-10:30pm on weekdays, and 15-hours on weekends.
  3. It is unconditionally the responsibility of every person connected with CNB of Texas to always treat you with courtesy and respect.


Our assurances to you continue with a Promise of Responsibility that sets forth the commitment we hold dear as a hometown bank.

  1. CNB of Texas is the third oldest independent bank in Texas for a reason. Our philosophy of giving back to the customers, citizens and communities we serve has kept us strong when so many other banks have failed. That same responsibility will be proven to you.
  2. With most nationwide banks, the only way you can see the chief officer is to fly thousands of miles and watch him get out of a limousine. At CNB of Texas you will see the decision makers at your local grocery store.
  3. As CNB of Texas expands to better serve you and our markets, we will never grow so large as to diminish our neighbor-to-neighbor style of banking.


For years, CNB of Texas has been known as the WOW bank. To gain that reputation you can’t make alibis for poor service. Our Promise of Accountability declares:

  1. No excuses, no passing the buck. You will receive WOW service day-after-day-after-day.
  2. If we are wrong, we will make it right!
  3. At every level of the bank, including the CEO, we have open doors and open minds. If you have a problem, we are 100% committed to finding a solution.
  4. You have every right to talk directly with a manager or senior officer. There will be absolutely no barriers that will be in the way of achieving the accountability you deserve.


It doesn’t help if a bank boasts of having thousands of branches nationwide if they don’t have one when and where you plan to be. We have a Promise of Convenience that ensures that:

  1. No other bank in a community that CNB of Texas is located will have earlier or later drive through facility hours than the times we are open.
  2. You will be able to bank at CNB locations at selected grocery stores for extended hours.
  3. CNB of Texas has 9 banking facilities in Ellis and surrounding counties to provide quick accessibility and convenience.
  4. Free access to any bank ATM nationwide.


The CNB of Texas Promise of Trust is built on more than 150 years of remaining strong, solid and secure. We pledge to:

  1. We will continue to invest in and install the most advanced policy and technical safeguards to protect customers from identity theft, processing errors, Internet fraud and Cyber-scams with information firewalls and state of the industry safety measures to give the highest level of protection every second of every day.
  2. The criteria set by CNB of Texas to operate a productive and safe bank has kept CNB in the top 20% of banking achievement guidelines in the United States for many years. That standard of excellence will not be compromised.


Customers want a bank with high values; a moral compass that has a clear and ethical direction. Our Promise of Integrity obligates us to:

  1. CNB of Texas will not take large financial risks that may jeopardize the resources needed to soundly operate the bank and protect your funds.
  2. CNB collects information that customers supply or allows the bank to obtain. That personal customer data will be strictly maintained within the bank and will not be shared with outside entities unless prescribed by law or permission is given by the customer to disseminate the selected data.
  3. Revealing customer information to the public by any board member, officer or staff of CNB of Texas will not be tolerated.


We take that Promise of Community Reinvestment very seriously; a declaration of giving back that has a 150 year track record.

  1. A benchmark of working at CNB will continue to be a promise to volunteer time and efforts in the community. In the past year, our officers and staff contributed more than 15,000 hours of volunteer work to charitable, church and civic organizations.
  2. Donate significant charitable and civic dollars to organizations that directly affect the cities and customers CNB serve. In the past decade, CNB of Texas has contributed more than $5 million in goodwill funds to local charities, churches and civic organizations.


Any bank that is satisfied with being average should not be trusted with your funds. Every person connected with CNB of Texas must commit to our Promise of Excellence that directly benefits you by:

  1. CNB of Texas will continue to take a pro-active approach to providing loans for mortgages, home equity, refinancing, renovation, education, transportation, recreation and personal and business needs that directly benefit the communities and counties in which the bank operates.
  2. CNB of Texas will continue the M.E. Singleton Scholarship Trust that has awarded more than 1100 college scholarships since its inception in 1952.


The reason why customers and communities know CNB of Texas will be able to keep its promises today and tomorrow is because it has been doing it since 1868. This time-tested Promise of Stability assures you:

  1. CNB will not sell out customers by selling the bank. It will not leave its customers high and dry. It will prove that there is a tremendous benefit in remaining with a bank that is loyal to you.
  2. Four generations of the same family have made sure that the funds and customers of CNB of Texas were safe during depressions and wars, dust bowls and floods, inflationary booms and busts, and secure when other banks failed or sold out their customers. It is a legacy and a promise we hold sacred.